Monday, June 27, 2011

178/365: Watch Out, Guys. They're All Lawyers

Watch Out, Guys, They're Lawyers

This looks like it might have been taken by our friend Steffe.

Sauce Magazine, the local weekly newspaper and website for foodies, has an annual tasting and pouring at this time of year in a blessedly air-conditioned venue. This year it was at the swanky Four Seasons Hotel north of the Arch. There were yummy tidbits from some of the best local area restaurants (this is a wonderful city for eating) and samples from regional wineries. Yes, Missouri makes wine and some of it is pretty good.

The group attending the event in the iPhone picture above might get the attention of young men on the prowl. Be careful, guys, they are all lawyers. I can vouch for it - the one on the left works for me. Behave yourselves. You don't want to be slapped with a writ.

St. Louis Daily Photo does gentle combat.

2011-06-25 water balloon fight on Cherokee 6

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