Wednesday, June 29, 2011

180/365: I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke

2011-06-09 Party On The Plaza 2

Possibly a street person, maybe just someone hanging out in the Old Post Office Plaza. He's got one good arm to lift a bottle of Coca Cola.

I am suspending Downtown St. Louis 365 for a while after tomorrow's post. Made it to half a year. It gets little traffic, some of the work is below the standard I want and it's taking more time than I anticipated. My summer will be very busy at work. I may bring it back in the future or post intermittently. If anyone would like to persuade me to do otherwise, let me know.

Street portraits of unusual people on St. Louis Daily Photo.

Pridefest (Portrait 1)

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Phil Haverstick ( said...

I always start my morning with St. Louis Daily Photo and Downtown St. Louis 365, and am very disappointed to see that you are discontinuing the latter.

I'm your age and grew up in St. Louis, so my childhood memories are there.  I visit every summer to recapture them.  I also spend a lot of time photographing the city.

I appreciate your work, and also the fact that you have the confidence to approach strangers, which has lead to some amazing shots.

My particular passion is photographing colorful old buildings.  Unfortunately, they are not in the best neighborhoods, so I take many  of my shots from my car.  I spend a lot of time driving around the slums, where I spent the majority of my formative years.  I hope to get a shot of every abandoned confectionary and run down chop suey joint in the city before they are gone forever.  Of course, at the rate that these places seem to be demolished, I still have a lot of time left.

Anyway, I certainly understand why other pressing matters have forced you to take a break from Downtown St. Louis 365, but I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your efforts.  And of course, I will continue to follow you on St. Louis Daily Photo and Flickr.


Phil Haverstick

1964 graduate of McCluer High School (but also attended Soldan, Normandy and Pattonville high schools)
1968 graduate of William Jewell College (Liberty, Missouri) AB Mathematics
1975 graduate of University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland) MA Mathematics

(I'm still in the D.C. area, which for me lacks the charm of St. Louis.  Of course, this feeling no doubt arises from the fact that my memories of the "wonder years" of growing up are all there).