Monday, February 14, 2011

45/365: 2-Fer 2

State Circuit Court 3

There's another 2-fer today with St. Louis Daily Photo, a pair of statues flanking the entrance of the Mel Carnahan Courthouse at Market and Tucker. It was for decades the U.S. Court and Customs House in St. Louis, a Depression era federal project. When the feds built the ultra-modern Thomas F. Eagleton Federal Courthouse, the penurious city took this building over for its state circuit court. It is named after our late governor. We'll get to full views of both buildings this week.

I couldn't find anything about the statues online after fifteen minutes of searching, which is about my attention span. This one holds the scales of justice. A fasces, symbol of strength and unity, rests in her lap.

State Circuit Court 2 This is the companion piece on St. Louis Daily Photo.

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