Saturday, February 26, 2011

57/365: Chocolate Cafe... Or Is It?

Cafe Cioccolato

This place is a half-block from my office building so I walk by it a lot. Cafe Cioccolato, dedicated to all things chocolate. You can see a counter full of confections on the lower right. I believe you can get a chocolate martini. There is a bunch of odd sculpture scattered around. And there's almost never anyone in there. On rare occasions I see someone sipping a drink in the chairs near the window or buying something at the counter. The place has been open more than a year, so how does it survive? There's something funny going on. Maybe it has a trap door leading to a tunnel and a secret entrance to Willy Wonka's factory. Hmmm, what other possibilities?

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STLcolleen said...

Bridal showers. They rent it out on the weekends. The space is actually great for it it...they did a cash bar at the one I attended (it was a large crowd of ladies)...seemed to be a good revenue generator.