Friday, February 18, 2011

49/365: AT&T


Another shot from about the same location as Wednesday's post, near the corner of 10th and Clark. Both of these buildings belong to AT&T. There is a sharp contrast in architecture and technology. After the old AT&T (Ma Bell) was broken up for anti-trust reasons, these buildings became the headquarters of one of the so-called Baby Bells, Southwestern Bell. That corporation bought the then-moribund AT&T name and began gobbling up most of the other Baby Bells. The old AT&T is now almost entirely reunited. So much for anti-trust laws.

The corporate headquarters is long gone from STL. It's in Dallas now.

Technical note: this picture is an HDR but made with different software, Photoshop's built-in Merge To HDR Pro utility, not Photomatix. It's a little less over the top.

Spheres In Citygarden Today's geometry lesson on St. Louis Daily Photo is about spheres.

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