Sunday, February 27, 2011

58/365: The Idiotarod


This weekend brought the second annual St. Louis Idiotarod (click the link for an explanation of the name). It is a fund-raiser for Operation Food Search, a wonderful bunch of people who fight hunger in the St. Louis area. Teams of five people dress up for some theme, decorate a shopping cart to match, and race around downtown to designated checkpoints. Some of them require stunts. Some of them have a bar. You get the point.

I got a ton of good pix I'll show here and on St. Louis Daily Photo in the coming days. Pharoh & Friends here were shooting out of the starting area. For better or worse, Tahrir Square was not among the checkpoints.

Keep The Change We're finishing gun weekend today on St. Louis Daily Photo.

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U "R" Us said...

Is this in poor taste given recent events? I can't decide. I'm working the Chiditarod again this year. It's next weekend and I'm helping at one of the checkpoints this time. Should be a hoot.