Wednesday, April 6, 2011

96/365: Save Us, O Lord

Save Our City

The graffiti-allowed section of the Mississippi River flood wall is constantly being overpainted and changing. Here's a new bit. The illustration is a little over the top (I doubt that we are a first-tier target for nuclear attack) but the image still has meaning. We have a city that's not fabulous but not a complete dump. We have a large array of civic, cultural and arts organization that keep up real vibrancy, while our governmental leaders, as a group, are short-sighted and self serving. We just keep losing corporate headquarters, our suburban and now exurban sprawl is appalling, but the city itself still has a strong beating heart. What's in the future?
Salva nos, O Domine.

St. Louis Daily Photo is trying to whistle the Ode To Joy after sucking a lemon.

Beethoven - Tower Grove Park

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Michael said...

Salva nos Domine vigilantes, Custodi nos dormientes. Nisi Dominus custodierit civitatem frustra vigilat qui custodit eam.

You know, I bet if we all said this everyday, we would actually have us a nice city. You never know... :D