Saturday, April 9, 2011

99/365:No Swimming

Pool Closed

The city lets children splash around in the fountains at Citygarden. That's a wonderful and surprising thing, given the usual attitudes of insurance companies. The water is on now, the weather is getting warmer, so what's with the sign? It's not like they have a lifeguard.

We are supposed have summer-like weather today, with temperatures in the upper 80s F. or 30 - 31 C. I'll walk by and see if the sign is being ignored. Question authority.

St. Louis Daily Photo needs a sense of direction.

Follow Path Around (Tower Grove Park)


Lana said...

They do have lifeguards, actually. They put out those signs when they're not on duty. Wasn't the case when it first opened but it is now.

Anonymous said...

They shouldn't have life guards. Who cares. It's public property. Let people do whatever they want.