Friday, April 8, 2011

98/365: Mother of Invention

Eros In The Water

This has nothing to do with Frank Zappa, although I wish it did. Never saw him perform live. Damn.

But back to the point. In yesterday's post, I was whining about how I was out of downtown material. Necessity being the mother of invention, I went down to Citygarden at lunch time with my point-n-shoot (there's always something to shoot). I noticed that the city had just turned the fountains back on. Eros Bendato sits on a wide circular plinth of granite, tilted just a degree or two down and away from the face. (You can get a better idea from this old post.) In the warmer months, a thin sheet of water trickles from the face to the edge of the plinth, increasing the overall feeling of strangeness. This is how it looks from ground level.

Do you know how many women Don Giovanni wooed in Spain? Then check St. Louis Daily Photo today.

Mozart - Tower Grove Park

(Answer: mil e tre.)

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T. Becque said...

Fantastic composition! What an art piece too, that's just very interesting.