Thursday, May 26, 2011

146/365: Take Cover

2011-05-25 downtown storms 1

This was taken from my office at 4:35 PM yesterday afternoon. Tornado sirens were going off in the street while the building's PA system warned people to go to the stairwells. I was following the situation minute by minute online and knew there was nothing bad downtown for the moment. So, considering what I think is important in life, I stood at my window and kept shooting.

This formation crossing the Mississippi looks like it was trying to turn into a tornado. Didn't quite make it. It looked like it had rotation. I like how the autofocus got caught on the raindrops on the window, leaving the background soft and dark.

The storm looked like it might pull the Arch up by its roots, as illustrated on St. Louis Daily Photo.

2011-05-25 downtown storms 2

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Carola said...

It shows all the drama. Glad that nothing worse happend.