Monday, May 30, 2011

150/365: Lou Brock's Empty Eyes

Lou Brock's Eyes

The Memorial Day long weekend marks the beginning of summer season activities in the US. It was hot yesterday; my legs didn't carry me and my gear as far as I would have liked. One thing I did was walk by the corner of the baseball stadium with its statues Cardinal greats. Maybe there was a new way to look at them.

Sure, in their faces. There's no good way to do eyes on statues. Greco-Roman sculpture had plain spheres. Later, many artists adopted the technique of gouging depressions to represent the iris and pupil. It may look more natural at a glance but when you get up close and stare in the face, it's like no one's there.

St. Louis Daily Photo is on parade.

Chinese Festival at MoBot 9

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