Tuesday, May 31, 2011

151/365: Not Again!

Not Again
I hadn't been down to the riverfront in a couple of weeks. Sunday was a good time to go image trawling. My usual approach is to enter from the south, up Lenore K. Sullivan Boulevard (life was so much more simple when the city called it Wharf Street) from the foot of Chouteau. When I arrived I found barricades across the street. I parked, walked up a hundred meters and found this.

Hadn't it it had all gone downstream, leaving us and infesting Louisiana and Mississippi? No. The river was the highest I've seen it this year, inundating the street and sidewalk below the Arch. Mrs. C. and I have a weekend road trip coming up in a few days to Hannibal, Missouri, (with no elephants to cross the Mississippi, let alone the Alps). We are hoping to do all the Tom, Huck and Becky stuff on the Mark Twain pilgrimage, but we intended to do it all by car, not boat.

St. Louis Daily Photo is back to gratuitous cuteness, with the slightest imperfection.

Chinese Festival at MoBot 10

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