Sunday, March 13, 2011

72/365: Stop The War On Workers

Working Families Rally 6

Patriotism is not the exclusive province of the Tea Party. I look at these faces and then think back to those I saw when I covered the Tea Party rally here last summer. What I don't get is the plutocrats' end-game. If they grab the bulk of the money for themselves, draining it away from everybody else, then people won't have money to buy stuff, the consumer economy collapses and the plutocrats go broke. Such irony. R. Crumb explained it well.

Working Families Rally 7

St. Louis Daily Photo celebrates the start of spring public drinking season today.

2011 St. Patrick's Parade 1


MyVintageCameras said...

Union created the modern Middle Class. Too bad no one remembers that. As student of history, I see us on our way back to a Century ago if we aren't careful.

Birdman said...

It's frustrating all around! That drinkin' team has the right idea; it seems.