Monday, March 14, 2011

73/365: Solidarity Forever

Working Families Rally 8 BW

It's an issue of basic fairness to me: management has power. The bigger it is the more is has. An individual worker is a speck of dust. Powerful employers can and do exploit employees. (I won't start in on the history of that.) Therefore, many workers need to organize for their collective good: unions. Q.E.D.

Not that powerful unions can't abuse their strength. My near-namesake, Bob Crow, leader of the London transport workers union, has stuck it to the public of that city time and again. Contract work rules can stymie efficiency and keep deadwood personnel on the job. Balance is needed. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

For now, though, solidarity forever.

Working Families Rally 9 BW

St. Louis Daily Photo issues a Celtic accusation today.

2011 St Pat's Parade 2

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