Saturday, March 26, 2011

85/365: Goodwill

MERS Goodwill
MERS Goodwill is the major not-for-profit rehabilitation agency in our area. It started out in 1940 as Jewish Employment and Rehabilitation Services. The name was later changed to Metropolitan Employment and Rehabilitation Services (MERS) to reflect their service to the entire community. It eventually merged with Goodwill Industries, a similar organization. This is their old main building at 18th and Locust.

These people do some serious good. They work with those who have physical or mental impairments of their ability to work, testing and evaluating them, providing training and education, leading to job placement services. They put people to work who would otherwise be dependent on family or the state. Two thumbs up.

St. Louis Daily Photo is overexposed today.

Blown-Out Eros

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