Wednesday, March 30, 2011

89/365: Upload

AT&T Building And Crane

This is an AT&T data processing center close to my office. They have had Chestnut Street closed for a few weeks, filled up with a big crane. (Most of it is below the bottom edge of the picture.) I haven't been able to figure out whet they are doing.

The outer roof of a cafe in Citygarden is in the upper right, just for some extra geometry.

Today St. Louis Daily Photo is talking about climate change, sort of.

Climatron In Snow 3-26-11

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Bwit26 said...

I had the same curiosity about what they are doing. Turns out AT&T is installing a generator, that's been compared to the size of Terrace View cafe, on their roof for more power. Oh and P.S. Love your pictures!