Sunday, March 20, 2011

79/365: Visitors From Kansas City

Visitors From Kansas City

I was wandering around under the Arch yesterday morning, looking for material. There was a large tree, stripped by the river, washed up on the top of the levee (the river is a lot higher than the last time I was by) that was fascinating to kids. The members of this family were taking one another's pictures with cell phone cams. When they saw me walk by, loaded with gear, they asked if I would take a picture of all of them (this happens a lot). Sure, of course, and can I take a picture of you guys with my camera?

It's spring break time for many American schools and these folks came over from Kansas City to see the sights. Hope they have a good time.

St. Louis Daily Photo is not thinking about lawnmowers.

Under The Arch

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Anonymous said...

I love this photo. What a great family - they look like they have a lot of fun together! So cute.