Wednesday, January 5, 2011

5/365: The Supreme Plumber

Supreme Plumbing

One of my favorite downtown buildings, located on S. 4th Street opposite the White Castle. Since this picture was taken three years ago, the facade has been partially defaced by graffiti and signs pleading for redevelopment. When it was published in St. Louis Daily Photo on January 14, 2008, the original caption read:

And lo! Supreme Plumbling was created, and it was established on Fourth Street, in Saint Louis, Missouri, nigh unto the White Castle, somewhat close to the shadow of the Arch, and all the other plumbers gave way, yielding to its supremacy. The Supreme Plumber, wizened wise man of the faucets and drains, giving and taking away the waters of life, flashed the peace sign and grew his beard yet further unto the sidewalk. He gathered up his pipes and attached them to a single Great Bowl. He filled it with a magical substance that the Powers of Darkness strove to suppress. He put fire to the bowl and drew upon it, blowing its smoke upon his companion in wisdom, Elbow Joint the Owl, who thereupon straightaway entered oblivion.


Anonymous said...

Very cool building and public art, albeit advertising. Too bad the gangs put their tags all over it. Thanks for sharing this great photo.

Julie said...

Sounds like more than just the Supreme Plumber and his off-sider Owl were inhaling that day!!

I am sooo glad you have this photo to remind us all how it used to look. I often think that of some of my photos when, upon revisiting, some pestilence has been visited upon the scene.