Thursday, January 6, 2011

6/365: The Big Cheese

Big Throwed Muzic 1

On occasion I drive around the old industrial areas north and south of the Arch, looking for something to shoot. One time I came across these guys, shooting their own music video along the floodwall. After introducing myself, I learned that the group was called Big Throwed Muzic. The big man in the white tee shirt is Big Cheezy, impresario of Mo Cheddah Records. I'm not, um, well versed in hip hop but I thought they were pretty good.

It occurred to me that I should define what I mean by downtown for purposes of this blog. Locals will understand. So, roughly, the Mississippi on the east and Jefferson on the west, Cass on the north and Chouteau on the south. I reserve the right to bend these boundaries whenever convenient.

Big Throwed Muzic 4

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