Tuesday, January 4, 2011

4/365: Old Man River

Arch 2009-05-09 - 6

Here's a popular shot taken in May, 2009. The Mississippi River is the reason for St. Louis' existence. 75, 100 or 150 years ago, long before the Arch, rows of commercial buildings downtown tumbled down to the edge of the levee and the waterfront was teeming with steamships. Now you can take a ride on an excursion boat like the one here. Check out this interesting and concise history of our riverfront.


Jilly said...

Whoa! Stunning, Bob. I've not seen one of your posts of the arch showing it in relation to the rest of the city before - so very interesting to me. (Sure you've posted, just I've missed it). Lots of love with this new blog. I run two as you know - well two and a half actually with the dog one - and it's a lot of work but you have a ton of energy I know and yours will be such a valuable record of your beautiful city.

Julie said...

With that sort of wide angle, the sky really dominates. I am with Jilly. I appreciate seeing the relative location like this.

Chris Reimer said...

I love that shot